Devan Zimmerman is a writer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She grew up in the adjacent county of York, Pennsylvania, where she attended West York High School and graduated in 2010. The subsequent 5 years were primarily spent at Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania, with a 6-month jaunt through Queensland, Australia in 2012. 

An avid reader, Devan fell in love with books of all genres at a very young age. She found companions in the characters of the books she read and was always able to express herself most through the written word. She discovers new worlds others create time and time again, as well as envisions some of her own. Devan Zimmerman has a particular fondness for Jane Austen, the Harry Potter series – it was the first she was able to read on her own as a child, after all – and anything supernatural. Her fondness of magical worlds and intriguing characters jumpstarted her passion for creative writing, which developed into a college degree and later, a backdrop for her career.

Devan Zimmerman was fortunate to find her passion at a young age. She consistently strives to learn and develop her literary style and voice, approaching every challenge she comes across as an experience to grow and develop as a writer and human being. That’s why, in addition to working on projects similar to those she has already completed, she seeks out new endeavors and opportunities she has yet to encounter. Devan has crafted a variety of content over the years. She’s been primarily involved in content creation and marketing, specifically for reputation management, since 2018.

While she primarily reads and writes, Devan Zimmerman does not limit her creativity to these two avenues. Devan is also a self-taught makeup artist and enjoys experimenting with special effects. The skill of makeup and painting is not limited to the face and body, though. When the opportunity presents itself, Devan takes advantage of creating landscapes (both earthly and other-worldly) on canvas. 

To re-center herself and connect with the world around her, Devan likes to spend time outdoors. She can often be found sleeping in a tent in a forest, taking nature walks through the woods, and occasionally, lounging on the beach. Devan is an enthusiast of exploring, and doesn’t mind the occasional journey through an abandoned or “haunted” area.

More recently, Devan Zimmerman began learning to read the tarot and study the occult. While she’s had a passion for astrology for nearly 20 years, and has dabbled in the art of tarot for the last decade, she was called to further implement the tools into her daily life. She has since begun sharing her interpretations of the cards and charts with those who choose to engage. What had started as a hobby led to a full-blown journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

An established mentor and certified Life Coach, Devan strives to share her knowledge and life lessons with anyone seeking direction. Additionally, Devan Zimmerman is an ordained minister. She looks forward to utilizing her combined skills to help bring guidance and enlightenment to others.